Friday, December 20, 2013

League of Legends Riot Points Generator

League of Legends Riot Points Generator

League of Legends Riot Points Generator
With the latest change to League of Legends Riot Points generator module for version 3.7 of League of Legends hacks engine we decided to make a new post to explain how to get free Riot Points with it. As many of you, League of Legends  players know , there are two main currencies that you can buy your champions, runes and skins with, Riot points and Influence points. Riot Points is more popular due to fact that you can buy it online with real life money , or you can redeem gift codes, and you can only get IP when playing.
There are many League of Legends hacks were just used to inject and change the values of these points. Now you can actually use the generator to get free Riot codes instead of changing the values. This update also provided a huge security boost , making all accounts perfectly safe. It also makes it great for anyone who wants to use these codes later or send it to someone as a gift. More about how it works below, but for now here is how it looks and where to download.

Download The Latest Version Here:

More about League of Legends Riot Points Generator and how it works:

Riot Point hacks and generators were always favorite hacks for league of legends.Since early days when Riot Games introduced these currencies players sought a way to get them for free. At first it was easy, since all hacks relied on changing values by injecting and it worked good for a while. Then developers of League of legends made series of updates and security patches that made it very tough to get points this way. Alternative , and better way is with RP codes , since generating these proved to be much easier. In early beta versions , it took almost 20 hours to decrypt a code and that was with decent PC. With version 3.7 , new faster servers were introduced and allow users to generate the codes within minutes. This is why this new version requires a license key , to be able to use decryption servers. Good thing is its free and only takes few minutes to get your key. You can always use trial key but you will be limited to 3 riot points codes per day.

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